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About my work

This shop is still very new! Please bear with me while I do my best to update it as I can.

I love making things, especially those that are beautiful and useful and, above all, durable.

The products on this site are all made by me!

Handwoven on a Swedish floor loom using natural fibers, stitched together by hand or on my old Singer, dyed with fiber reactive dyes, acid dyes, or natural dyes, folded, beaded - I make things with a lot of different fibers to bring joy to myself and others.

Every inch of  the yarn used for each handwoven item has passed through my hands twice. They are then washed - some by machine, some by hand. I take great care with finishing every piece, matching sewing thread colors, twisting fringe, fulling the wool juuuuuust right so that the finished product is something I would want to keep.


I have a bit of a love affair with light, much in the same way some of the Dutch master painters did. The arrangement of items I photograph aren't always as traditional as I enjoy finding different ways of looking at things. Because I rely on a lot of natural light, I tend to do most of my photography in the autumn after the leaves have fallen and in the winter.

My digital photographs are taken and edited by me in my studio. I have prints made at a small local printshop that uses archival quality paper.


My books are bound by me using a variety papers and threads, all of natural fibers. I weave the cloth for the covers. I hope to make my own papers in the next year.


The things I make are made to be as durable as possible. Sometimes I find a better way, or I discover higher quality raw materials to use. I make things I would want to have in my house and use, and I want them to be intact and useful for a very long time.