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Care Instructions

Kitchen Towels:

Washing: Machine wash warm, tumble dry or hang. A warm iron is good, but not necessary. Use color safe bleach only when needed - please do not use chlorine bleach! Do not use fabric softener.

The towels I make have already been preshrunk, but since cotton is a natural fiber, please expect some additional shrinkage after washing and drying.

Since the towels are handwoven, you may notice some slight imperfections. These might include slightly fatter yarns in the weft - this is from the overlap in end and beginning of weft yarns. Occasionally, there will be a knot in the cloth - this happens sometimes if a break in a warp yarn occurs and a new yarn must be tied in. These imperfections are all signs that the cloth has been woven by hand and not by machine.


Because there is a lot of black in my work, care should be taken when removing the print from the sleeve. Only remove the sleeve when you're ready to put the print in a frame. Please handle by the edges, or better yet, wear cotton gloves when handling the naked print. Should you take your print to a framer, leave it in the protective plastic sleeve.

Of course, if you have any questions at all, please contact me!